Getting Outside Is Easy These Days

It has been easy to get outside these days.  The weather is beautiful and when I’m inside, many of my moments are spent wondering when I can get outside.  I want to go to the beach, to work in the yard, to race sailboats, you get the idea.  I did recently miss another day of spending at least 30 minutes outside when I was traveling for work to Long Beach, CA.   I did wait a really long time for my luggage in an outdoor baggage claim area.  The bag never arrived–it spent the night in Denver, a city I long to go to.  So if you count that as outdoor time I’ve only missed three days since the year started–if not, I’ve missed four days.

I thought I’d share some of the highlights of my outdoor time over the last month since I’ve been too busy to write:

  • Last weekend I sat on my back porch with other parents, grandparents, and my husband as we listened to his piano students play one or two songs for us at their informal recital.  My kids each played a song–they were amazing!  I was truly moved at the bravery it took each child to play their selected song and also moved by the gift my husband gives these kids–he builds a solid foundation of loving, appreciating, and playing music and does so with grace.
  • On Wednesday, I shifted my work schedule so I could take my kids to the beach after the last half day of school.  It was just the three of us.  We played in tide pools and on boogie boards at Kettle Cove.  We unanimously voted the boogie-board train the best part.
  • We frequently sit on our front porch and talk with neighbors, and more frequently, we talk to our neighbors’ kids.  It’s a pretty joyful place to hang.
  • I race J24s every Wednesday evening on a boat called Mr. Hankey–owned by an allergist.
  • Enjoyed an outdoor potluck at our house with neighborhood friends.
  • Had two outdoor wine and cheese events with some of my work colleagues while in CA–after hours of course!  I work with some amazing educators and fabulous people.
  • Played balance games on the tracks while waiting to have dinner with my aunt and her partner.
  • Have started Geocaching.
  • Insisted that a grumpy cab driver drop me off 2 miles from my destination so I could enjoy Golden Gate Park a little bit while walking to the workshop I was teaching with K-2 teachers in San Fran.It has been a beautiful start to the summer.  I’m looking forward many adventures with my family and friends to local outdoor places.  Let me know if you recommend we check out a certain place in Maine.  We tend to stick with our local beaches.  I’d also love to hear what you’re hoping to do outdoors this summer.