Dinner Outdoors

Tonight, my five year old said, “Let me guess, we’re eating outside again.”  I just smiled in response.  Whenever possible we eat outside.  It’s a three season thing at our house.  Often we just sit on the front porch steps, sometimes we sit at a table, and occasionally we sit on a beach blanket (actually I’ve only done this on a beach, but as I made dinner tonight I thought I should put a blanket in our yard).  Tonight, as I prepped dinner I thought that I should blog about this… everyone should be eating outside in the summer–it is so much easier to clean up.

Of course the one time I decide to blog about eating I prepare one of my least healthy dinners–Annie’s and frozen corn.  We really need to go to the grocery store–but who wants to go grocery shopping after working a full day or instead of going to the beach on the weekend?  I’ll get there eventually.

For most dinners outdoors we sit, we eat, we talk, and then the clean up is a breeze.  We bring dishes in and let the squirrels deal with the droppings.  It is simply amazing how much food ends up on our floor after each meal at our house–simply amazing amounts of wasted food.  Tonight wasn’t as easy as normal.  I’ve mentioned before that we live in a wonderful neighborhood with a lot of great kids.  Tonight my kids left the porch to be near these friends whenever I went inside to get seconds or thirds for someone.  Generally speaking, dinner outdoors is a lovely way to get through a challenging part of the day.