100 Outdoor Things I Adore

Many, many years ago, after college but way before I became an adult, I visited my friend Sean who was living and working on a schooner in Mystic, CT.  We challenged each other to name 100 things we loved about life.  It was a lovely moment with a great friend, made even more special by the night time rowboat ride.

I remembered this conversation recently as I thought to myself how much I love runs in the rain.  Today I’ll begin to list some things I adore about being outside.  This list will probably span a few blog entries but let’s see how far I get today.  I adore:

  • Running in the rain with a baseball cap on–the air seems cleaner, the temperature is often lower, and dodging puddles mixes things up in just the right way
  • Sitting on my covered porch and doing just about anything
  • Being anywhere on islands, especially on Vinalhaven, ME
  • Racing sailboats
  • Crossing the finish line first (especially when the series is tight)
  • Holding hands with my kids and walking at night
  • Eating outside
  • Drinking coffee, water, or beer outside
  • Testing equipment for outdoor education. Just this week I made two plankton nets (one with a needle and a thread, and the other with duck tape) and then tested them at a local pond with my son.  They both worked!
  • Hiking (I need to do this more often!)
  • Watching sunsets
  • Walking outdoors at night alone–this has been one of the greatest discoveries of my 365 day journey so far
  • Riding my bike–it is the closest I come these days to feeling like a kid again
  • Competing in races: finished the Tri for a Cure a few weeks back and will be running the Trails to Ale 10K with my team “Grin and Beer It”

I do hope that this list will grow as you add things that you adore about being outside these days.  Hearing from you fuels this blog!  Seriously!