Even more reasons to go outside

Lauren F. Friedman and Kevin Loria recently published an article in Business Insider titled, 11 Scientifically Proven Reasons You Should Go Outside.  Specifically, they write about the impact of being in a forest and the mental and health benefits that can be experienced in short and long term jaunts to the woods.

I strongly advise you to read the article for yourself, but I’ll give you a quick glance at the list below. Even with my 365 Every Day Outside Challenge, I still don’t get to the woods as often as I should.  This article reminds me of just how important it is for me and for my children.

1) Improved short-term memory

2) Restored mental energy

3) Stress relief

4) Reduced inflammation

5) Better vision (especially in children)

6) Improved concentration

7) Sharper thinking and creativity

8) Possible anti-cancer effects

9) Immune system boost

10) Improved mental health

11) Reduced risk of early death

Do you experience any of these?  Which ones are the most noticeable for you?

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