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  1. What a great idea and a great movement to spread! Keep up the good work, we so need to be grounded in our contacts with the real world, the one just outside our door. Thanks for leading the way.

  2. Hi Erica! It’s Chuck McLean’s sister, Megan. My family is going to do the challenge! I am really excited about it. I would love to subscribe to your blog as well. Do you post it on your Facebook page or is there a separate subscription? Thank you for the inspiration to do something my heart knew was right!


    • Hi Megan, that is very exciting. Great to hear from you. I think you can subscribe to the RSS feed and get notifications via your RSS feed. But I also post my blog posts on my Everyday Outside Facebook page. One thing I’ve learned is that I just want my kids to get outside… I don’t want them outside for only 30 minutes… so for them, I try to get them outside for at least 30 minutes but I keep it under wraps. I don’t want them to say, “I already was outside for 30 minutes, can I go in?” I want them to just want to get lost in the wonderfulness of the outdoor experience. But you can do whatever you want with your kids. Welcome aboard!

      • Such good advice…I found the same to be true about reading. If they have to do 20 min of reading every day for school, they ask, “Is it time to be done yet?”. Such tricky areas to traverse. Ok, so my goal will be just to get them to commit to going outside every day. Any other advice would be awesome.

        I look at Facebook most days, so I’m sure I’ll see your blog posts then. Friend me if you would like…I’ll probably post updates then. Thanks again for your feedback!

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